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 Undergraduate and Graduate Projects


Every semester, LASEC hosts a few students for their semester project or diploma work. Project descriptions are available below:

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Cryptography and Security

Master Course (Fall semester)

Serge Vaudenay (lectures)
Sonia Mihaela Bogos, Handan Kilinç, Damian Vizár (exercises)


Introduce basic cryptography: choose the appropriate cryptographic primitive in a security infrastructure, judge the strength of existing standards, assess / evaluate the security based on key length. Implement algorithms manipulating big numbers and use number theory, use algebra and probability theory to analyze cryptographic algorithms, identify the techniques to secure the communication and establish trust.


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Network Security

Bachelor Course (Fall semester)

Philippe Oechslin (lectures)


To understand the threats to which computer networks are exposed, to know how to protect a network using appropriate technical and organisational measures.

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Advanced Cryptography

Master Course (Spring semester)

Serge Vaudenay (lectures)
Sonia Mihaela Bogos (exercises)


To become familiar with advanced topics of cryptography, to have critical sense of cryptographic tools.

Student Seminar: Security Protocols and Applications

Master Course (Spring semester)

Serge Vaudenay and Philippe Oechslin
Damian Vizár (Coordinator)


We will look at today's most popular security protocols and new kinds of techniques and problems that will play an emerging role in the future. This course will be held as a seminar, in which the students shall actively participate. The talks will be assigned to teams of one or two students. Each team will give a 35 minutes talk, answer to other students' questions and write a 3-4 pages summary on the selected subject. The talks will be given in English. A copy of the slides (in pdf format, also provided by each team) shall be made available online before each presentation.

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