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About Me:

I am a PhD Student at EPFL, Switzerland under the supervision of Serge Vaudenay.
Previously, I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Sydney, where I spent time under the supervision of Vincent Gramoli in distributed computing which culminated in an Honours thesis.
Currently, I am mostly working in secure messaging and ratcheting in both the two party and group settings. I am also interested in side channel attacks and countermeasures, among other topics in cryptography.


  1. A Small GIFT-COFB: Lightweight Bit-Serial Architectures
    Andrea Caforio, Daniel Collins, Subhadeep Banik, Francesco Regazzoni
    AFRICACRYPT 2022 (To appear)
  2. Optimal Symmetric Ratcheting for Secure Communication
    Hailun Yan, Serge Vaudenay, Daniel Collins, Andrea Caforio
    The Computer Journal (2022)
  3. Improving First-Order Threshold Implementations of SKINNY
    Andrea Caforio, Daniel Collins, Ognjen Glamocanin, Subhadeep Banik
    INDOCRYPT 2021
  4. Online Payments by Merely Broadcasting Messages
    Daniel Collins, Rachid Guerraoui, Jovan Komatovic, Petr Kuznetsov, Matteo Monti, Matej Pavlovic, Yvonne-Anne Pignolet, Dragos-Adrian Seredinschi, Andrei Tonkikh, Athanasios Xygkis
    DSN 2020
  5. Anonymity Preserving Byzantine Vector Consensus
    Christian Cachin, Daniel Collins, Tyler Crain, Vincent Gramoli
    ESORICS 2020

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