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Completed Projects

Diploma Projects

Winter semester 2020

Smart Contracts Interacting with Private Data

Summer semester 2019

Persistent Fault Attacks

Winter semester 2019

Post Quantum Cryptography

Summer semester 2017

Design and implementation of a post-quantum cryptographic signature scheme

Position based cryptography

Summer semester 2016

Format preserving encryption for ELCrypt.

Winter semester 2016

Automatized Generic Solving

Security-Appliance Maker

Summer semester 2015

Secure Data Processing for Industrial Applications

Winter semester 2015

A System for Numerical Multi Party Computation

Authentication and Delegation for Inclusion in e-Government Services

Timing/Cache/Instruction attack on ECC point multiplication

Winter semester 2014

Covert Channels in IP Traffic

On the security of dev/random

Summer semester 2013

OOTCS Product Security

The LPN Problem and Algebraic Methods

Summer semester 2012

Case study on lattice-based cryptography

Summer semester 2011

Cryptanalysis of SHA-3 candidates

Winter semester 2010

Anonymous access control with attribute based encryption

Cloud Storage Integrity

Winter semester 2009

Analysis and implementation of the security in VoIP solutions

Vulnerabilities of the GSM stream cipher protocol

Winter semester 2008

Attacks on RSA with pre-formating rules

Conception and development of a web server audit tool

Public Key Infrastructure in a DVB-CPCM Environment

Secure Bluetooth Payment Application

Summer semester 2007

Efficient Protocols for Set Membership and Range Proofs

Strong Privacy in RFID needs public-key cryptography

Winter semester 2007

Fail-stop signatures

Summer semester 2006

Applications of MOVA signatures

Carrying out financial Transactions over cellular network

Security and Privacy in RFID

Trapdoor stream cipher

Summer semester 2005

Application avance de compromis temps-mmoire

Secure Communications over Insecure Channels Based on Short Authenticated Strings

Winter semester 2005

E-Voting System

La scurit dans les rseaux de capteurs sans fil

Network-Based Anomaly detection

Secure Identification Technologies

Summer semester 2004

AUTODAFE: an Act of Software Torture

Bluetooth Security

Formal verification of security protocols

Winter semester 2004

Analysis and optimizations of a key distillation protocol in quantum cryptography

Analysis of game based proofs for encryption schemes in the random oracle model

GPRS over billing attacks

On the security of ZIP files

VoIP Security

Web applications security - Automation of vulnerabilities assessment

Summer semester 2003

A Generalization Of Linear Cryptanalysis

GPRS Overbilling Attacks Detection

Integrating medium-oriented and network-oriented DRM technologies

PKI Deployment Considerations

Winter semester 2003

Strength and weaknesses analysis of security industrial standard TCPA and Finread

Winter semester 2001

EasyRide: Risk analysis and security concepts

Summer semester 2000

Linear cryptanalysis of DES

Doctoral School Projects

Winter semester 2019

A Study of the Fujisaki-Okamoto Transform

Deniability for Ratcheted Key Agreement

Energy Investigation of NIST Lightweight Candidates

Security of McEliece Cryptosystems over QC-MDPC Codes

Winter semester 2018

The Resistance of Post-Quantum Cryptography to Algebraic Attacks

Summer semester 2017

Privacy-Preserving Secure Attestation

Time-lock encryption

Summer semester 2016

Automatized search for low complexity-strategies of exhaustive search

Winter semester 2016

Security of PACE (Password Authenticated Connection Establishment)

Applying the SFT Algorithm for Cryptography

Summer semester 2015

PrivDB Revisited

Winter semester 2015

Cryptanalysis of the Hill cipher

Supersingular Isogenies, an Algorithmic Study

Summer semester 2014

Misuse resistant AE

Winter semester 2014

Distance Bounding Protocols

Summer semester 2013

Optimizations of LPN Solving Algorithms

Winter semester 2013

Symmetric homomorphic encryption

Winter semester 2012

LPN Solving Algorithms

Winter semester 2009

On the complexity of distinguishing distributions

Summer semester 2002

Cryptanalysis of A5/1

Discrete logarithm algorithm in elliptic curves of trace one

Fair exchange for terminodes

Summer semester 2000

Implementation and Comparison of Several Public Key Cryptosystems

Semester Projects

Winter semester 2019

Biometric Access Control

Messaging Application with Ratcheting Security

Quantum-Resistant Asymmetrically Time-Hard Function

Summer semester 2018

Deterministic Paillier cryptosystem

Message-Franking in real life.

Time-lock puzzle and memory-hard function

Summer semester 2017

CUDA Crypto-Library

Fuzzy Extractors

Insights into sequentialized independent key-guessing attacks

Investigating (Im)possibility of Simultaneous Algorithm Subversion and Key Exfiltration Resistance

Winter semester 2017

Implementation of SPA

Implementation of the SFT algorithm

Summer semester 2016

Anonymous Secret Sharing Schemes

Cryptanalysis of the Hill cipher

Implementation of LWE algorithms

Implementing the pOMD

Online Ciphers: Security Notions, Constructions and Applications

Powerless Computation applied to Brute Force

Privacy Preserving Group Ranking

Relational hash in biometry

Survey of electronic payment systems

Winter semester 2016

Automated homework submission/grading system

Implementation of Authenticated encryption schemes on GPU

User Misuse-Resistance of Authenticated Encryption

Summer semester 2015

Fast implementation of OMD mode

Cryptographic analysis of Bluetooth 4.0

Extending the HELEN cryptosystem

LPN implementation on GPU

Modulo-based proof of work

NFC Relay Attacks using Android Devices

Security foundations in lattice-based cryptography

Winter semester 2015

Analysis/Implementation of Homomorphic Encryption Scheme

Biometric ID (Part 1)

Cryptanalysis of LowMC

Implementation of OMD mode on MIPS architecture

Implementing a Fair File Sharing System

Locally Computable Non-malleable Extractors

Masked Implementation of the OMD mode

Optimizations of LWE Solving Algorithms

Revisiting Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets (BIP-0032)

Study LWE algorithms

Summer semester 2014

A new SSL Library

Algebraic analysis implementation

Building system of equations for lightweight cipher

Comparison of the techniques used in Multidimensional Linear attacks

DES Sbox generation

Dropbox Wrapper

Relay attack in NFC

Software distance-bounding

Tamper Resilient Cryptography

Using proof-of-work for public key storage

Winter semester 2014

Attacking Bitcoin

OpenCL implementation of cryptographic algorithms

Post quantum cryptography in practice: a survey

Summer semester 2013

2Factor Real Privacy Management cryptanalysis

Homomorphic Encryption

Quiz generator for Cryptography and Security course

Tamper-proof devices

Traffic visualization of Scion

Winter semester 2013

Authenticated Encryption Schemes: Design Principles and Security Notions

Integrated Certificate Verification

Leakage Resilient FHE

Really Provable Secure Multi-Factor Authentication

Winter semester 2012

Communication Surveillance on Android

Encrypted calendar

The Subspace Leanring With Error Problem

Summer semester 2011

Design of HELEN

Fingerprint recognition

Private backup

Short, Undeniable Signatures for Android 2.x

Winter semester 2011

Cryptanalysis of the Simple Substitution Cipher

Design of a code-based cryptosystem

Iteration Techniques for Compression Hash Functions

Quantum-based authentication protocol

Summer semester 2010

Selling train tickets by SMS

TCHo implementation in hardware

Total complexity of generic algorithms

Winter semester 2010

Grobner Basis Algorithms Evaluation

On Hiding Message Length in Symmetric-key Cryptography

Primeless Cryptography

Quasi-groups in symmetric cryptography

Summer semester 2009

Mistrusting Sellers and Malicious Buyers

When Passwords are Sufficient for Exchanging Keys among Humans

Winter semester 2009

Analysis of lightweight functions (Armadillo)

Approximation of carry bits in XAR hash functions


Cryptanalysis of MIBS Block Cipher

Identity-based encryption


Rethinking the PKI Trust Model

Surveys Database

The Learning Parity With Noise Problem in Cryptography

Summer semester 2008

Incremental Hash Functions for Message Authentication

Manual key transfer

Winter semester 2008

Attack on IPSEC in non-authenticated mode

Diffie-Hellman vs Discrete Logarithm


Summer semester 2007

Bluetooth v2.1

Breaking SSH in a second using cache attack

Generic Algorithms for (Pseudo-)Collisions Search on Hash Functions

Passive RFID Sniffer

Secure VoIP

Winter semester 2007

Nostradamus attack

Summer semester 2006

Break WEP faster with statistical analysis

Breaking GPG v1.2.3

Collisions on MD4

Listening GSM communication: Cipher-only attack on A5/1

Voice over IP Security

Winter semester 2006

.NET security thanks to obfuscation

Cryptography over elliptic curves

Human computation and Turing tests

Projective Coordinates Leak

Summer semester 2005

Attacks on Radio Frequency Identification Protocols

Side-Channel Attack against RSA OAEP

SPAM Control using Tokens and Signatures

Winter semester 2005

Building a platform and user identification mechanism using Trusted Computing

Generic Homomorphic Signature Scheme: Optimizations

Man in the middle attack against a Cisco 3000 VPN concentrator

Watch-out: Data-Mining illegal web sites

Why Textbook ElGamal and RSA Encryption Are Insecure

Summer semester 2004

Breaking A5/1

Breaking WEP encryption

Ciphertext Only Attack on GSM

Making Presentations with LaTeX

Monitoring Chat Users

New Applications of the Time-Memory Trade-Off

RFID tags replacing bar codes: Privacy issues and practical solutions

Undeniable Signatures on IPAQ

Winter semester 2004

File Encryptor on a Smartcard

Implementation of the quadratic sieve

Non Adjacent Digit Sets for use in cryptographic primitives

Strong authentication using PaTHword

The security bug catcher, reloaded

Summer semester 2003

Advanced Instant NT Password Cracker

Cluster Management Software

Electronic Wallet on a Palm Pilot

Empreinte digitale d'images et de films

Encrypting FileSystem for Gnu/Hurd

NIS / NFS security

Security Bug Catcher

Security Issues in the Andrew File System

Winter semester 2003

Collisions on MD4

Cracking ZIP

Cryptographic Applications for iPAQ over Bluetooth

Elliptic Curves Factorisation

IDS in Large Scale Networks

Key Ring Safe

Linux on iPAQ

Monitoring IRC User Migration

Power Analysis on smartcards

Secure Key Exchange

WEP and CBC-PAD attacks

Summer semester 2002

Advanced exploitation of buffer overflows

Advanced host detection using TCP/IP

Encrypted conduits for infrared connections

Instant NT Passwords Cracker

Man-in-the-Middle attack in a windowing system


Winter semester 2002

A new public key cryptosystem based on residuosity

Cryptanalysis of PKCS#1

DNS spoofing



POP and IMAP access control

Secure messaging system for PDA over 802.11

Summer semester 2001

Desktop access control with a Palmtop I

Desktop access control with a Palmtop II

Winter semester 2001

Man-in-the-middle attack against SSL


Study of a strong entropy gathering mechanism: the Linux case

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